Why is wordpress so annoying?

July 23, 2009

Seriously, why? I thought it’d be better then Blogger. I was seduced by the ability to have multiple pages but everything else is junk. *sigh* It is actually so annoying that i feel unmotivated. I am considering a switch back to blogger but I don’t want to admit defeat.

Ok something that has been on my mind as of late is this:

If a skinny person and an overweight person where trapped on a deserted island who would stave first? If they had water but no food could the overwieght person live on the stored fat for longer? As a sub question: if you found the over weight person after two weeks would they have lost heaps of wieght? Would their body have shrunk?

So my real question is : if you put an obese person in a room for two months but gave them water could they live only on their body fat and would they look skinny when you let them out?

I am not trying to make a fat joke. I really want to know the answer. Really!


Is my dad cooler than I am?

July 16, 2009


Unfortunately, neither of us are as cool as these guys.

Picture from Awkward Family Photos 

Exhibit A: The Music store.

My dad and I went to the music store the other day. The music shop guy picked out some albums he thought my dad might like. My dad had trouble choosing between Soko, Fiest and Some other new band I had never heard of. 

Exhibit B: The Music Collection.

The last time i purchased a CD the year still started with a 19. 

My dad owns over 600 CDs. He has to catalogue them so he can find them when he wants to listen to them. Some recent additions are Josh Pyke, Belle and Sebastian, Bon Iver, Postal Service, Iron and Wine, Okkervil River and The Airborne Toxic Event.

Exhibit C: Mechanical Knowledge

My dad use to fix tanks in the army.

The last time I got a flat tyre I cried on the side of the highway till a nice man stopped and changed my tyre for me.

Exhibit D: General Lifestyle.

My dad does pretty much whatever he wants, whenever he wants. He grows herbs, cooks pies and spends his day watching TV and hatching schemes.

I am unemployed. I live at home in my parents sunroom. 


Really, it isn’t even a competition.



Double yolks, WTF?

July 13, 2009

Cracked eggEgg from Claire Cameron

At work the other week we had 25 eggs with double yolks in a row. Before then I’d never seen a double yolk, I thought they were a bit of an urban myth. As the doubles kept coming so did the superstitions: Double yolks are lucky, they mean prosperity, an upcoming wedding, a baby…

So what the hell are double yolks? Are they twins? Are they ok to eat (I hope so because we served them to customers)?

I did a little google work and the answer was a little disappointing. At Poultryhelp.com there are two explanations. One is that the chicken is young and its cycle is on the fritz. The second is that its genetic and basically it’s always going to have doubles. BORING!!!! I wanted it to be something they were eating or some crazy mutation. Apparently it’s so common you can buy crates of double yolked eggs at markets.

If you do want to see some freaky eggs stuff head over to Poutryhelp.com and check out the egg with a tail or the egg without a shell.

Can i Quit?

July 7, 2009


mcdonalds-bannedPicture swiped from the nice people at stltoday



Some people smoke, others drink or do drugs. Everyone has their vice. Mine is McDonalds. My name is amanda and I am addicted to cheeseburgers, medium fries and and a Fanta.

The big M, Mickie D’s, Macca’s, whatever you want to call it I can’t shake it. It is everywhere I go. I try to just avoid it but there is one on every street corner. There was one on the block where I lived in Melbourne. I would get off the tram and there it was, illuminated in big yellow and red and open 24 hours. The smell of fresh french fries would waft down the street, chasing me to my front door. Eventually I gave up trying to resist and for a while I was eating McDonalds at least four days a week.

Yes, I am aware how disgusting that is. The fat content 12.7g, 284 calories and 0g of dietary fiber (according to daily plate). I am aware it is probably the worst thing i could put in my body but it is so easy and cheap. Also I am an emotional eater. When I was a kid we only got McDonalds on really special occasions so now when I eat it I feel like I am getting a special treat (which is sick because I am actually slowly killing myself).

Anyway today it ends! I will be a slave to Ronald’s delicious treats no more! That clown is no longer a friend of mine. I am going to go cold turkey. No more McDonalds! Last time I tried to quit I lasted two months. This time it’ll be different. I feel i’m prepared. I am mentally ready for the withdrawals. And I can always switch to Hungry Jacks.

Who? What? Where? And Why?

June 19, 2009

WHO:  I might have some guest writers or artists if I can persuade some of my creative friends to submit something. For now let’s assume it will just be me. So who am I? 26 year old perpetual student, storyteller, (small) risk taker, bridge burner. I always fail to think of the consequences.  I’m a bit of a gypsy, I’ve lived in ten places over the last three years. I am terrible with plans though i love a good list. Here is one I prepared earlier:

Useless facts about me:

1. I hate washing my hair.

2. I hardly ever floss.

3. Zucchini is my favourite vegetable.

4. I love gumboots but i don’t actually own any.

5. I have dated more younger men then older.

6. Mail, particularly postcards make me smile.

WHAT: Pretty much whatever takes my fancy. It might be tales of my adventures, questions about people motives, crazy schemes or day-to-day pondering. I am kind of a “work it out as I go type” of girl.

WHERE: Melbourne for the next week but I am planning to relocate after that.

WHY: I like to write and I have a lot of questions, most of them I’m to shy to ask. I am hoping this will give me a place to be creative but also to ask the things you can’t in polite company, things like if urine kills Tinea, doesn’t it just make good sense to pee in the shower?